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The best tips for reducing summer shelter intake

In this week's Saving America's Pets episode we are talking to Kristen Hassen of Human Animal Support Services (HASS) and Luis Quintanilla of Humane Society of Harlingen about the summer season challenges facing shelters. They give great tips and tricks on how shelters can combat these challenges and ease some of the stress on the shelter workers who bear the brunt of increased summer intakes and staffing shortages. 


  • 0:00 Welcome to Saving America's Pets 
  • 0:23 Introducing Kristen and Luis 
  • 2:14 The current state of shelters at or over capacity 
  • 6:03 Tips on intake prevention 
  • 8:05 How Harlingen worked with the community and social media to save more 
  • 11:03 Ways Harlingen gets by with minimal staff 
  • 11:46 Ways the shelters across America move animals out and avoid "bottlenecks" 
  • 13:33 Advice to shelters worried about transparency 
  • 16:39 Keeping the fosters rolling 
  • 17:28 Fosters helping with the process and other opportunities 
  • 19:36 Fun ways to promote kitten fosters 
  • 21:10 Things the public should know about shelter staff 
  • 23:40 Small groups can help in their own ways 
  • 24:35 Helping animals and shelter workers

Animal Flow Training Playbook

Tips for managing intake during a space crisis

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