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Social Media 101 The Basics and Beyond Conference Session

It can be hard to keep up with Facebook and Instagram, let alone Twitter and TikTok. And these are only a handful of the social media outlets for sharing our lifesaving journey. This session will cover social media basics, including what channels you should join, what makes posts effective and what times you should post to reach your best engagement rates. Emily will show you how to engage your staff and volunteers to share content and how to organize that content into a comprehensive social strategy. You’ll learn how to navigate the algorithms to make sure your content is noticed in a cluttered landscape and what metrics you should be measuring to gauge your social success.

Speaker: Emily Tolliver, Social Communities and Content Manager, Best Friends Animal Society

Time Stamps

  • Get organized- 1:05
  • What channels to choose- 2:45
  • Let's talk about Facebook- 6:01
  • User generated content- 12:35
  • Engagement- 13:40
  • How to handle aggressive people- 15:32
  • Let's talk about Instagram- 16:45
  • Creating engaging stories- 19:18
  • TikTok: Defining today's culture- 20:14
  • Three things you can do TODAY- 24:22


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