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Rock Solid Fundraising: Strengthening Your Financial Foothold

Join Best Friends' own Trish Tolbert for a discussion about how our brand new FREE Fundraising Fundamentals course might benefit you. Our panelists are three early adopters who will share what they learned through the course and how they’re applying it in their own organizations.

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Moderator: Trish Tolbert, development strategist, National Embed/Mentoring Team 

Panelists Intros

  • Sarah Cano - 0:06:05
  • Michelle Dosson - 0:10:29
  • Nick Walton- 0:14:01 
  • What is average time to complete the course? - 0:18:28
  • Nick, Why did you create the editable flyer for Animal Control Officers? -0:19:54
  • Sarah, do you have something to add to Nick’s comments about relationship building? -0:22:06
  • Michelle, Did you take away any key messages that you plan to use? -0:25:30
  • Nick, What, if any, lessons in the course did you wrestle with? -0:33:39
  • Michelle, You’ve completed Best Friends Executive Leadership Certification and also explored the Fundamentals course. Give us the 60 sec. summary and then tell us whether you thought the two complemented each other. If so, how so? -0:38:20
  • Sarah, What, if any, fundraising "myths" did the course bust for you, and how so? -0:43:00

Audience Q/A

  • Does the course cover how to address municipal agencies who feel they cannot ask for money? -0:48:41
  • Tell us about your newly started donor tracking system. -0:51:48



Meet the Panel
Trish Tolbert sitting on the floor with two cats

Trish Tolbert

development strategist, 
Best Friends Animal Society

Sarah Cano in the kennels holding a black puppy

Sarah Cano

community engagement coordinator 
Humane Society of Harlingen

Michelle Dosson standing in front of a colorful background

Michelle Dosson

bureau manager, 
Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center

Nick Walton posing with his dog on a dock next to a lake

Nick Walton

manager, national municipal and shelter support, 
Best Friends Animal Society

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