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Elevate Lifesaving Work with Technology

We met with three Friends of the Network vendors who are working hard to provide services to help advance the important work being done in the animal welfare industry. They shared how their services can help elevate your lifesaving work using technology. Each offers a unique service such as app-based dog training, online fundraising and website creation.  

Bethany Heins, director of strategy and network operations for Best Friends, lead the conversation with:

  • Brendaen Makechnie, vice president of business development and partnerships, GoodPup 
  • Laurie Paquette, CEO, Buzz to the Rescues
  • Pam Siedler, founder, PetGiving

Buzz to the Rescues - 3:16

  • Does it manage volunteers? 12:58
  • Are things like the application customizable? 14:15
  • Do you have to use it for your website? 14:44
  • On the donation side, can you enter donations that come in through the mail? And, can you pull different mailing lists out of the program based on your needs?  17:17
  • Can we change information ourselves once the website is built? For example, can we add pages, change copy on pages and graphics or add forms as needed?  18:07

GoodPup - 18:48

  • Is there any cost to the shelter to become a partner? 30:23 
  • Can you customize the program beyond basic commands? 30:48
  • Will trainers be able to follow the dogs through many users, for instance if a dog starts with a trainer at the shelter or a foster then moves to an adopter? 33:16

PetGiving 34:55

  • What about animals that are rescued from the street? 51:38
  • We use ShelterLuv software. Will the photos and bios in ShelterLuv automatically get pulled into PetGiving? 54:08
  • Is there a limit to how many logins per shelter? 54:56


Not yet a Network Partner? You can learn more about this program and how to apply by clicking here.

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