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COVID-19 Impact Across the Country

This Best Friends Town Hall focused on these topics:

  • Veterinary updates from the CDC
  • Updates on how COVID has impacted shelters and organizations across the country

The following panelists joined us to lend insight and expertise: 

  • Dr. Erin Katribe – medical director, Best Friends Animal Society
  • Denise Deisler – Chief Executive Director, Jacksonville Humane Society
  • Shannon Wells – Executive Director, Lawrence Humane 
  • Risa Weinstock – President & CEO, Animal Care Centers of NYC 
  • Terri Rockhold – Executive Director, Fresno Humane Animal Services 
  • Alexis Pugh – Director, Memphis Animal Services 
  • Emily Klehm – Chief Executive Officer, South Suburban Humane 
  • Ed Jamison – Director, Dallas Animal Services 

Click the timestamps below to skip to that portion of the town hall:

  • CDC Update with Dr Erin Katribe- 1:51
  • Intro to panel- 5:40
  • Jacksonville Humane Society- 8:12
  • Lawrence Humane Society- 16:27
  • Animal Care Centers of NYC- 25:11
  • Frenso Humane Animal Services- 36:24
  • Memphis Animal Services- 42:41
  • South Suburban Humane- 51:06
  • Dallas Animal Services- 1:00:05
  • What is the game plan for getting animals out of foster homes when this is all done- 1:07:00
  • What are you doing to respond to push back around not taking in healthy animals and strays- 1:09:35
  • How does the transfer of a pet from foster home to adoptive home take place in a virtual adoption- 1:13:34
  • Can you elaborate on how you are using technology to limit public contact- 1:15:34






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