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Best Friends Town Hall: Lifesaving Safely

This Best Friends Town Hall focused on these topics:

  • Veterinary Updates from the CDC
  • Transport Safety
  • Lifesaving: An Essential Service

The following panelists joined us to lend insight and expertise:

  • Dr. Erin Katribe, medical director at Best Friends Animal Society
  • Kaylee Hawkins, director, Pacific region at Best Friends Animal Society
  • Marc Peralta, sr. director, national mission advancement at Best Friends Animal Society

Click the timestamps below to skip to that portion of the town hall:

  • Introductions to the panel: 2:07
  • Veterinary updates from the CDC: 3:15
  • Transport safety: 10:00
  • Lifesaving: An Essential Service: 16:18
  • Have you seen situations where groups are helping one another with lifesaving? 22:18
  • Why is communicating with your community the key to success at a time like this? 25:57
  • Can you clarify the CDC recommendations regarding bathing and quarantine of animals taken in from infected individuals? 31:45
  • Do you suggest allowing volunteers in during a stay-at-home order? 34:37
  • Is there an up-to-date database available for transports that are potentially being held up at state lines? 36:56
  • How do breed specific rescues open up communications with shelters, letting them know we can foster for them? 37:56
  • Are there resources available for municipal shelters whose city has not deems adoptions as essential services, including how to get city leaders to open adoptions back up? 39:42
  • What are your suggestions for rural municipal shelters that do not have access to vetting services at this time, as well as not being able to do adoption or foster pushes due to government red tape? 42:14
  • How long does the virus stay on an animal's fur? 44:32
  • What can people do to help if their local shelter or rescue is closed and does not need more fosters right now? 45:39
  • If shelters are doing delivery service, why is it a problem for rescue groups to proceed with meet and greets, so long as social distancing is followed? 48:24
  • What is Best Friends' advice on essential vet services? Is spay/neuter considered an essential service, especially in rural areas with high cat populations? 51:15





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