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Best Friends Podcast guest Clare Callison from American Pets Alive!

The Best Friends Podcast Episode 93

How to establish and grow your animal rescue transport partnerships
December 23rd, 2021

It’s Christmas Eve-Eve, and we hope you are having a safe and happy holiday season.

As we talked about last week, the national level lifesaving data is starting to show some concerning trends, such as increased length of stay. One key lifesaving strategy is transport - moving animals from one community to another with fewer adoptable pets and greater demand.

This episode is another fantastic session from the 2021 Best Friends National Conference. The presenter, Clare Callison from American Pets Alive!, shares her experience building transport programs and what you need to do to find, and cultivate, the right partnerships to create your own sustainable, effective transport program.

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Clare Callison American Pets Alive!

Clare Callison

Maddie’s® Director of National Pet Supply and Demand, American Pets Alive!

Clare Callison is the Maddie’s® Director of National Pet Supply and Demand for American Pets Alive! and serves on the Board of Directors for CARE (Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity). She provides guidance and support to help organizations build robust lifesaving programs and improve operations to better serve people and pets. Clare specializes in helping organizations grow their transport relationships and increase their lifesaving through rescue partnerships and open adoption practices.

Before joining American Pets Alive!, she was the Director of Operations for San Antonio Pets Alive for 5 years. Because of her heavy involvement, San Antonio has gone from a 28 percent live release rate to a 90 percent live release rate in over three years. Clare enjoys helping others seek lifesaving solutions to common challenges that exist in working in a high-volume, fast-paced animal welfare organization.

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