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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 91

Serving both ends of the leash in Spokane
December 9th, 2021

When there is a pet in need, there is often a person in need. That intersection of people and pets is at the heart of a new partnership in the state of Washington.

As the COVID-19 pandemic set in, the unknowns about the next few weeks and months raised concerns about the impact on pets. Would owners need help if they are struggling with illness? What would happen to the economy, and how would evictions impact pet owners? Unfortunately, affordable, pet-friendly housing is already in critically short supply across the country.

In late 2020, Best Friends launched a pilot project in Spokane, Washington, bringing together Best Friends Network partner SpokAnimal and Catholic Charities Eastern Washington - a “human welfare” organization that provides food, shelter, clothing, and assistance to anyone in need across the area. As the pilot project nears one year since its inception, we look to see if this strategic partnership is achieving its goal of keeping people and pets together.

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Elizabeth Oreck - Best Friends Animal SocietyDori Peck - SpokAnimalDave Sackmann - Catholic Charities

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