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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 78

Saving senior pets with Vintage Pet Rescue
September 2nd, 2021

Saving senior pets from shelters is expensive and challenging and an area of lifesaving where the need outweighs the amount of available help. Compared to the total number of rescue organizations coast-to-coast, only a fraction focus solely on saving this highly at-risk group of animals.

Senior animals often carry a stigma that they don’t make good pets. Some adopters may believe seniors are “broken” or have problems that can’t be fixed - why else would they be at the shelter in the first place?

This week we talk with Kristen Peralta, co-founder of Vintage Pet Rescue, a rescue organization driven by a mission of helping aging pets live their best lives — regardless of how much longer they may have left.

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Kristen Peralta - Vintage Pet Rescue

Kristen Peralta

co-founder, Vintage Pet Rescue

Kristen founded Vintage Pet Rescue (VPR) with her husband Marc in September 2017.

Their mutual love for senior dogs is the driving force behind VPR, and they are committed to rescuing vintage (senior) pets from shelters and assisting owners who can no longer care for their senior pets. Along with their small team of volunteers, Kristen and Marc give these animals love, attention, and medical care for the last months or years of their lives.

Before founding VPR, Kristen worked as a production accountant in Los Angeles. She now spends her days mopping up pee and taking photos of sleeping, geriatric dogs.

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