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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 39

What Makes a Home?
November 12th, 2020

You see an outdoor cat. What do you do? There’s a good chance your instinct is to save the cat. An outdoor cat is a cat in need. Right?

What if that isn't the case? Many cats will spend their entire lives outdoors. They often have people who care for them by providing food or outdoor shelter. Others prefer to fly solo, not looking to us for help. Regardless, healthy outdoor cats are just that, healthy and living outdoors. Bringing those cats into a shelter can be a solution to something that was never a problem, to begin with, and could lead to that cat losing its life.

This week we hear from leaders across the country who have reexamined their approach to managing community cats. You’ll hear how they’ve implemented new programs and they share how they worked with stakeholders both inside and outside of their organizations to ensure their efforts are successful.

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