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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 142

More inclusive adoptions with Secondhand Hounds
February 23rd, 2023

We always love hearing from listeners, especially when we hear that the podcast has helped you be more effective in your lifesaving work. This is why we loved receiving the email about the significant changes happening at Secondhand Hounds.

Rachel Mairose, the founder of the Minneapolis-based rescue organization, listened to episode 67 of The Best Friends Podcast, "If "nobody's perfect," then why do we expect all pet adopters to be?" She says that the episode (with guest Lawrence Nicolas) helped her realize that their adoption process wasn't as inclusive as it could be and that set a new way of handling their adoption process in motion.

This week we chat with Rachel to learn more about the changes underway at her organization and how she's managing those changes in policy with their staff, volunteers, and donors.

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Rachel Mairose - Secondhand Hounds

Rachel Mairose

executive director, Secondhand Hounds

Rachel Mairose is the Executive Director and Founder of Secondhand Hounds, an animal (& human) wellbeing organization based in Minnesota.

Rachel has been animal crazy from a young age and fell in love with animal rescue during her time at Washington University in St. Louis, where she earned her degree in Environmental Conservation. Having been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and panic disorder, Rachel is passionate about mental health and the benefits of being around animals. Because of this, Secondhand Hounds has a holistic approach to animal welfare and believes that animals should be kept in their loving homes whenever possible.

Secondhand Hounds is a unique organization that combines an animal rescue, social services programs, and a veterinary center together which results in one common goal: fostering the human animal bond through adoption, reunification, and outreach.

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