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A man and woman celebrating the adoption of a dog with a sign that says "I adopted my best friend"

The Best Friends Podcast Episode 138

2022 Year End Happy Tales
December 29th, 2022

This is the final episode of the year! And what a year it has been.

Across the country, shelters struggled to manage increases in intake, and while adoptions also increased, the boost in positive outcomes couldn’t keep pace. That resulted in many folks in our industry being more overwhelmed than usual (which is saying something). We want to thank you for everything you do to help pets and those who love them.

It’s important always to show gratitude and celebrate wins. However, it’s even more important when times are tough. So as we say farewell to 2022, we’re celebrating the success our Best Friends Network Partners achieved during the four Best Friends National Adoption Weekend events we held in 2022, during which more than 35,000 pets found homes.

We asked our partners to share their experiences with us, and we’re sharing them with you.

See you in 2023!

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