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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 113

Using transparency to empower and support your community
June 2nd, 2022

As we talked about in last week’s episode, many communities across the country are struggling as they try to deal with crisis levels of shelter capacity. More pets than usual are coming in, and while adoptions are up in many places, they’re just not keeping the pace with the rising intake levels.

Successful organizations know that they need the community to help them save lives, so they are transparent, sharing the good, the bad, and even the ugly because that sharing engages people in the mission. An engaged community is a lifesaving community.

To dive into transparency a bit deeper, this week, we’re sharing a Best Friends Network town hall. “Using transparency to empower and support your community” was moderated by Executive Director of Best Friends in Utah, Michelle Dosson.

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  • Michelle Dosson, Executive Director of Best Friends in Utah (moderator)
  • Renee Gutierrez, Solano County, CA
  • Jon Gary, Oklahoma City Animal Welfare, OK
  • Debra Griggs, Animal Resources of Tidewater, VA
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