Person sitting while holding the leash of a smiling white and brown pit bull type dog

What are the Rachael Ray No-Kill Excellence Grants?

When the Rachael Ray Foundation (RRF) launched the Rachael Ray Save Them All Grant program in 2016, Best Friends Animal Society posed a simple question to applicants: How can you reduce the number of cats and dogs killed in shelters?

Nationally, more than 4,300 no-kill communities have asked themselves that question. And together, we are reshaping the conversation around no-kill to save the lives of more pets than ever before.

Yet, even as support for the no-kill movement grows, Best Friends’ network partners reaching the save rate threshold of 90% face new challenges to sustaining these lifesaving numbers. That’s why we are excited to partner with the Rachael Ray Foundation to create a Rachael Ray No-Kill Excellence Grant fund that celebrates and helps sustain organizations in no-kill communities.

We anticipate that funded projects will be related, but not exclusive, to:

  • Helping hard-to-place animals
  • Meeting critical staffing and medical needs
  • Impacting regional growth
  • Innovating animal shelter operations with new concepts

Our hope is that no-kill excellence grants will fund scalable programs that support positive outcomes for animals in other network partner cities and emerging no-kill communities.

Network partners that have reached a 90% Save Rate can apply for a grant of up to $60,000.

Our grant cycle is now closed and we are no longer accepting applications.