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Terran Tull, operations manager, national embed program

Terran TullTerran Tull is an operations manager with the national embed program at Best Friends Animal Society. In her first embedded role, Terran worked with the team at the Humane Society of Harlingen (HSH) in southern Texas.” In this role, Terran provided key shelter leadership and helped the team develop and implement inclusive lifesaving programs to serve the community. With Terran’s help, HSH achieved a record-breaking 92% save rate in 2020.  

Prior to stepping into this role, Terran was a Dogtown behavior consultant and caregiver at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. Her passion in this role was building trust and bridges between animals and people. Before joining Best Friends, Terran was the canine advocate for the Humane Society of Indianapolis, where she worked with volunteers and community members to help dogs with special behavioral needs find the right homes. Her passion for celebrating dogs as individuals and helping them thrive began in 2009 with a dog named Axyl. It was this special soul who led Terran into the world of animal welfare and inspired her to pursue training in animal behavior and dog training.  

Terran is a certified dog trainer (KPA-CTP) and has supported animal welfare organizations in a variety of ways, including volunteering with local rescue organizations, fostering neonatal kittens and puppies and transporting animals from sending shelters to receiving partners. When she is not busy working to create safe, humane communities for pets and people, Terran enjoys hiking and exploring every nook of the nearby wildlife, reading, and doting on her three adopted dogs – Belle, Liliana, and Ricochet.