Who We Are

Stacy Rogers, Great Plains and Midwest regional director

Stacy Rogers holding two dogsLocation: Monticello, Indiana

Role: Great Plains and Midwest regional director

Past Life: executive director of Almost Home Humane Society in Indiana, associate director at American Cancer Society, volunteer services coordinator at small nonprofit, development associate at Purdue University

Likes: creative adoption promotions, human services and animal services collaboration, smart use of data, senior and special-needs pets

Dislikes: old-school behavior assessments, ordinances prohibiting return-to-field, barriers to adoption

Education: Bachelor of Science in agriculture from Purdue University with a focus on wildlife and environmental education, Master of Arts in philanthropic studies from IUPUI with a certificate in nonprofit management, certified animal welfare administrator

Skills: Chihuahua taming, community collaboration, public speaking

Weaknesses: pugs, “old and broken” shelter pets, dessert, whiskey

Hobbies: hiking, kayaking, running, kickboxing, traveling (especially to see wildlife), reading, concerts by 80s rock bands

Pets: Clark, Ralphie and Maggie (dogs), Pancakes, Mini, Toby and YoYo (cats), Dolly, Julius and Jeffrey (llamas)

Human: Luke (husband)