Who We Are

Liz Stamper, Midwest strategist

Liz Stamper with a cat on her shoulder


Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana

Role: Midwest strategist

Past Life: Worked at the Almost Home Humane Society in Indiana as the medical, foster, marketing and fundraising Manager, 2008 – 2019

Likes: Underaged kittens, shelter medicine, creative adoption promotions, special-needs pets, transparency, community collaboration and involvement, trying new things

Dislikes: Old-school behavior assessments, breed-specific legislations, ordinances prohibiting return-to-field, barriers to adoption

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Photography from Purdue University with a minor in English. Fear-Free certification

Skills: Dog and cat enrichment, neonatal care, shelter medicine, protocol development, organization

Weaknesses: Kittens, injured animals, 2000s Pop Punk music, office supplies

Hobbies: Concerts, nature walks, kayaking, swimming, computer games, cooking, shopping, Harry Potter, puzzles

Pets: Motor, Peppermint, Hissapotamus, Nelly (cats)

Humans: Mitch (husband) and Madison (daughter)