Who We Are

Gina Burrows, Southeast strategist

Gina Burrows and dogvirginiab@bestfriends.org

Before joining the Regional Team in 2021, Gina worked in the Best Friends Los Angeles Lifesaving Centers and with the National Embed Program focusing on shelter operations and partnerships. During her embed with the Hawaii Rainbow Rangers she gained experience working in an open-intake municipal shelter and doing animal control. She was part of a team that launched groundbreaking community cat programs and implemented lifesaving strategies that helped save an additional 2,000 animals in only 8 months. Her background prior to becoming involved with Best Friends was primarily in healthcare and disability services where she spent time working with unhoused and underserved communities. That combination means she believes strongly in the importance of the human-animal bond and is especially passionate about programs that help animals stay with their families. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to focus on relationship building with shelters and communities across the region, helping identify programs, resources, and strategies to help Save Them All.

Gina covers the states of Georgia and South Carolina. She is new to the East Coast, having grown up in Utah and recently living in both California and Hawaii, and has four dogs: Frankie, Milo, Sophie, and Kennedy.