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Fencing Options for Your Escape Artist

Fencing Options for Your Escape Artist

By Sherry Woodard

If you have a dog who’s an escape artist, you might have to go the extra mile to provide fencing that will keep your pooch contained and safe. Here are some options for you to consider.

Coyote-roller fence

Coyote Roller. (above) This device consists of roller bars that you install at the top of existing fencing. The Coyote Roller can be installed on different types of fencing, such as chain-link and wooden fences. The rollers prevent the dog from gaining purchase when he tries to climb over the fence. For more information, check out

Wire-Mesh Fencing

Wire-Mesh Fencing. (above) If you need extra tall fencing, chain-link is not a good choice. Instead, buy coated wire-mesh fencing, which is stronger than chain-link. One company that sells this type of wire mesh is Riverdale Mills (


Flat-Top. (above) For extra insurance against escape, top off your wire-mesh fencing with a foot of fencing that extends perpendicular into the enclosure. Even if the dog manages to climb to the top of the fence, he won’t be able to lean back far enough to get up and over the flat-top.

Full cover fence

Full Cover. (above) For dogs who’ve managed to climb over every fence, and for dogs who’ve been in trouble for escaping, cover the fencing completely on top.

Top-angling fence

Top-Angling. (above) A slightly different approach to the flat-top: Angle the fence extension so that it’s aimed upward.

Free-standing fence

Free-Standing. (above)This type of fencing pops apart, so it can be easily taken apart and positioned in a different spot. It’s a good solution for aggressive dogs who must be kept away from the outside fence line of a yard. Priefert Ranch Equipment ( is a good supplier of this type of fencing.

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