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Municipal Shelter Leadership Culture & Community Engagement Webinar

This webinar, moderated by Kimberly Elman, provided real world, tangible content and experiences that municipal shelter leaders can use to create a more sustained culture of engagement with municipal leaders, and amongst their staff, volunteers, and local communities. This training is specifically geared toward municipal shelters and covered creating a culture of engagement with staff, effectively engaging both volunteers & your local community, successful relationships with city and county leaders, and preparing for council/commission meetings.


  • Holly Sizemore - Chief Mission Officer, Best Friends Animal Society
  • Arlyn Bradshaw - Senior Advisor, Community Relations, Best Friends Animal Society and current County Council Member, Salt Lake County
  • Paula Powell - Senior Strategist, South Central Region, Best Friends Animal Society; former Director, City of El Paso Animal Services
  • Mike Shumate, Director - Pasco County Animal Services