Proven Strategies

A tabby cat and a man wearing glasses look at each other while lounging on a couch. An orange box on the left says "Foster fail? More like foster-WIN. #fosterwin."

Foster Win Campaign

"Go Ahead. Keep that Foster."

That's the message we're spreading! In light of COVID-19, many animal welfare organizations have moved a majority (or all of their animals) into foster homes because of shelter-in-place orders. With such a large number of animals in foster homes, these same groups are seeing that their adoption numbers are lower than usual. The goal of the Foster Win campaign is to convert animals in foster homes into adoptions. We also want to celebrate foster “fails” by changing the narrative into something positive!

Join us to celebrate foster-to-adopt for all the pets in your care. To help spread the word to your foster families, we put together a toolkit with creative assets, including social media graphics, a sample email to send to fosters and a printable sign for fosters to proudly tell everyone "We're keeping him." 

Download the Toolkit