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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 94

Best of 2021
December 30th, 2021

For our 48th and final episode of 2021, we're looking back at some of the best moments of the year.

We had 66 different guests from 22 states, representing 40 organizations, rescues, foundations, and companies. They all had one thing in common; they shared their expertise and stories to help us all be more effective in our lifesaving work.

We covered a lot of topics this year. Everything from DEI initiatives to data, saving senior pets to staffing, strategic planning, saving cats and helping pet owners in rural America, and more. But this podcast is nothing without you, so from all of us at the Best Friends Network, thank you for listening, and we'll see you in 2022!

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Julie Castle Best Friends Animal SocietyBrent Toellner Best Friends Animal SocietyKeith Slim-Tolagai Best Friends Animal Society

Julie Castle

Brent Toellner

Keith Slim-Tolagai

Kristen Hassen - American Pets Alive!Jace Huggins - Front Street Animal Shelter Sacramento CaliforniaBrittany Fleming - Gateway Pet Guardians

Kristen Hassen

Jace Huggins

Brittany Fleming

Heather Owen - One Tail at a Time

Heather Owen

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