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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 84

The art of storytelling for year end fundraising
October 21st, 2021

As the calendar year begins to wind down, one group of people in animal welfare are just getting warmed up - the fundraisers.

Roughly one-third of all donations to nonprofits come in the last 31 days of the year. For some organizations, December's donations amount to more than half of their overall fundraising for the entire year, so it's a critical time.

At the core of every good end-of-year campaign is a good story, and every single day the work we do presents us with countless stories as we impact the lives of people and pets. So which stories are the best ones to use for your end-of-year fundraising campaigns?

Who you're talking to, what you're asking for, how you're asking it, and where you're asking are all big questions, so we thought that we'd sit down with Trish Tolbert, the senior development strategist for the national embed team at Best Friends.

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Trish Tolbert Best Friends Animal Society

Trish Tolbert

senior development strategist, Best Friends

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