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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 66

The 2021 Best Friends National Conference
June 3rd, 2021

Each year, thousands of people hit the road and converge at the Best Friends National Conference. It's a highlight of the year, which is why the cancelation of last year's event due to COVID-19 was such a disappointment. This year the conference is back but will, for the first time, be held virtually.

A virtual Best Friends National Conference has benefits. For example, no travel means more people than ever before can attend. It's one of the largest ever, with 135 speakers and 91 different sessions. And at just $55, the registration fee is more affordable than ever (don't forget to use the discount code podcast (all lowercase) when you register to save $10!).

This week we hear from two people involved in the planning and execution of the conference and learn how they're working hard to ensure the virtual version will not just be a good but one of the greatest in Best Friends history

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guest icon Guests this week
  • Rachel Hyde, senior specialist, national events, Best Friends
  • Brent Toellner, senior director of national programs, Best Friends
closed caption icon Episode Transcript