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The Best Friends Podcast - Episode 65

Managed intake programs
May 27th, 2021

The pandemic forced a lot of changes across the industry. The lockdowns, for example, required shelters to find ways to provide services while being closed. The massive support from the public who offered foster homes took much of the burden from the shelter system, but there was still a need to take in animals. Many shelters decided to try implementing a managed intake program.

The objective of managed intake is to find the best possible outcomes for pets, which often doesn’t mean entering the shelter.

This week we are sharing a Best Friends Network town hall on this topic, and we hear from two leaders who have implemented this program in their community. Learn how changing your intake procedures saves lives, keeps families together, and fosters a positive relationship with your community.

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  • Town hall moderator, Makena Yarbrough, senior director of regional programs for Best Friends
  • Michelle Dosson, bureau manager, Norfolk Animal Care & Adoption Center 
  • Jill Mollohan, associate director, Lynchburg Humane Society 
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