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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 30


Reaching New Heights in Animal Services - Innovator Series
September 10th, 2020

What do you get when you take 18 of the best and brightest lifesaving innovators, pair them up, put them on a Zoom call and hit record? You get magic!

The Best Friends Professional Development Symposium is happening next week. The two-day, online event features short, fast-paced presentations designed to keep attendees engaged and excited. But every single presenter has so much more to share. That left us with a dilemma. How do we capture more from these amazing people to share with Symposium attendees?

These videos, which we’re calling the “Innovator Series,” bring nine hours of informative, thought-provoking discussions between these leaders in our field. This week we’re bringing you a sneak peek of these conversations, and announcing a newly added bonus guest to the symposium. If you’re part of Oprah’s Book Club, then you will know who this powerhouse is!

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The Best Friends Professional Development Symposium: Reaching New Heights in Contemporary Animal Services is a new dynamic online symposium for animal services professionals and students devoted to lifesaving innovation and revolutionary change for pets and people.

The field of animal welfare is rapidly evolving as animal services organizations become resource centers, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated that change. In this creative two-day online event, you’ll learn more about the changes happening in the field and the latest in lifesaving from leading experts.

The symposium is part of a new initiative from Best Friends, presented in partnership with Southern Utah University (SUU). The goal is to develop prestigious academic learning opportunities that will facilitate career paths and clarity in contemporary animal services.

Presentation topics include:

  • Redefining Animal Services
  • Field Services Moving Forward
  • Keeping Pets with Families
  • Lifesaving as a Community Ethic
  • Leadership for Lifesaving Change
  • Compassionate Badassery
  • Fundraising During Economic Uncertainty
  • What’s the Deal with Cats?
  • Fast-Tracking Pets Through the Shelter System

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Guests this week

Marc Peralta Best Friends Animal Society

Marc Peralta

chief program officer, Best Friends Animal Society

Kate Hurley

Dr. Kate Hurley

program director, U.C. Davis Koret School of Veterinary Medicine

Holly Sizemore

Holly Sizemore

chief mission officer, Best Friends Animal Society

Ellen Jefferson

Ellen Jefferson

executive director, American Pets Alive!

James Evans

James Evans

president, CARE

Alexis Pugh

Alexis Pugh

director, Memphis Animal Services

Denise Deisler

Denise Deisler

ceo, Jacksonville Humane Society

Ed Jamison Dallas Animal Services

Ed Jamison

director, Dallas Animal Services

Bobby Mann American Pets Alive

Bobby Mann

Maddie's® Pilot Implementation Director

Trish Tolbert Best Friends Animal Society

Trish Tolbert

development strategist, national shelter outreach, Best Friends Animal Society