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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 143

Virtual dog training w/ Goodpup
March 9th, 2023

We know how difficult it is to find veterinary services nationwide, but there’s another shortage impacting animal welfare right now. Dog trainers are also in short supply.

Behavior is one of the top reasons that dogs are surrendered to shelters, and undesirable behavior can be challenging to overcome in a hectic shelter environment. And as communities increase their lifesaving efforts and save more pets coming into the shelter, resources can be applied to saving the animals with more challenges, including behavior. As a result, the need for skilled dog trainers is only growing.

Enter Goodpup, a virtual training solution that offers access to dog trainers anywhere they’re needed, including shelters and rescues, thanks to their partnership program. To learn more about the platform and its special offer for Best Friends network partners, we spoke with Goodpup’s manager of shelter partnerships, Allie Mayer.

To take advantage of Goodpup's offer for four weeks of free training, go to Goodpup's website to sign up and make sure you answer "Best Friends" to the "who referred you" question.

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Allie Mayer - Goodpup

Allie Mayer

Allie Mayer, CPDT-KA, is the business development manager of the GoodPup Partnership Program. She is a certified GoodPup trainer and the former foster coordinator and adoption supervisor at the Louisiana SPCA. She has over 10 years of experience in the animal sheltering field. 

You can contact her at


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