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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 141

Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance

February 9th, 2023

In the colder parts of the country, warmer temperatures are starting to melt the snow and offer a hint of the spring season to come. But for those in animal welfare, you know that spring isn’t the only season starting soon - springtime also means it’s kitten season.

The warmer weather, longer days, and more widely available food sources all help intact female cats know it’s time to get busy - and that also means shelters and rescues are busy with requests for help.

The youngest orphaned kittens may only be a few days old when they land at shelters and are the most vulnerable. Their round-the-clock needs and fragility make saving them more resource-intensive, resources many communities still lack. Yet, there are people and organizations focused solely on them, like this week’s guest, Andee Bingham, the executive director of Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance in Asheville, North Carolina.

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Andee Bingham - Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance

Andee Bingham

executive director, Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance

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