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Kitten in animal shelter

The Best Friends Podcast Episode 14

Mission Possible - Lifesaving in the Florida Panhandle
May 26th, 2020

Thanks to the most accurate and detailed dataset in animal welfare history, it is possible to see the number of animals killed nationally and all the way down to your community.

Effectively using the data drives the lifesaving efforts of Best Friends. For communities that have a lot of lives to save, the embed program, as it's known, brings Best Friends staff to the community. Be it short term to help with a particular area, or, as is the case with Santa Rosa County, Florida, a full-time staff member standing shoulder to shoulder helping transform the lifesaving efforts.

Santa Rosa County Animal Services has been progressing toward the no-kill benchmark but needed some guidance to help push through that 90% barrier. They opened their doors to the Best Friends embed programs team and their success will be the anchor to lead the entire panhandle to no-kill.

Guests this week:

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