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A dog owned by a soldier receiving help from Dogs on Deployment

The Best Friends Podcast Episode 134

Veteran's Day w/ Dogs on Deployment
November 10th, 2022

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day, so we're taking a moment to thank all members of the military, active duty and veteran, for their service. We're also using this as an opportunity to learn more about Dogs on Deployment, one of our Best Friends Network partners whose work directly impacts those who are and have served the nation.

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and that was the case with the nonprofit organization Dogs on Deployment

President and co-founder Alisa Johnson joined the Marine Corps in 2011, serving ten years as a KC-130J pilot. Alisa and her husband Shawn, a Navy pilot, found themselves struggling to find options for the care of their dog JD during months-long deployments. After ruling out expensive options like boarding and professional dog sitters, they found a family member who agreed to care for JD for the six months Alisa was training at Quantico. An ideal situation, but no doubt a lucky one.

They wondered how many other service members find themselves in that same predicament. What about those who don't have family able to help? What happens to those pets?

DoD's nationwide network of patriotic foster homes ensures the human-animal bond stays intact when a military pet owner answers the call of duty. Over the years, the organization's work has grown to support veterans and first responders, not only with temporary fostering.

If your work involves keeping pets and pet owners together, this is one resource you will want to have in your arsenal.

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