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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 103

Community-Supported Sheltering: Aligning all stakeholders in the welfare of animals in your community
March 10th, 2022

Community-supported sheltering is being talked about a lot right now, but it’s not a fad. Instead, it’s a natural shift in modern sheltering, as we go beyond the walls of our organizations and engage the myriad stakeholders to help us save more lives.

When the shelter, field services, government, rescue organizations, the public, social service organizations, and others come together to save lives, it’s not only a beautiful thing. It’s a recipe that can help you achieve and sustain your lifesaving.

This week we share a Best Friends Network town hall that focused on community-supported sheltering, what it is all about, and how you can engage new partners and the public in your mission to save lives.

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guest icon Guests this week
  • Brent Toellner, Senior Director, National Programs, Best Friends Animal Society (moderator)
  • Sue Cosby, Senior Director of Lifesaving Centers, Best Friends Animal Society
  • Laura Donahue, Director, Legislation and Advocacy, Best Friends Animal Society
  • Scott Giacoppo, Director, National Shelter Support, Best Friends Animal Society
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