Smiling person holding a small black and tan dog in front of some stainless steel kennels

Counting All Paws: Mastering Daily Population Rounds

Feel like you're always playing catch up? Daily population rounds can help your shelter save time, improve communication, and enhance quality of life for animals under your care. Rounds create a system by which staff can quickly identify opportunities for improvement in animal care, set pathways for recent arrivals, and address medical needs of individual pets. Watch Best Friends Animal Society Medical Director Erin Katribe, DVM, MS and National Shelter Medicine Manager Melanie Lyons in this recorded webinar, Counting All Paws: Mastering Daily Population Rounds. The webinar includes keys for success, common obstacles, and tips for shelter staff looking to implement rounds for the first time.



Counting All Paws: Mastering Daily Population Rounds Webinar Presentation

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