Who We Are

Jennifer Schrolucke, senior web content strategist

Jen Schrolucke with a dog


I have been with Best Friends since 2009, starting in the volunteer department. After a few years helping to coordinate our amazing national volunteers, I transitioned to the Best Friends Network: first as the data and operations coordinator and now my current role as senior web content strategist.

I love working with our team and network partners to make this program as helpful and impactful as it can be for people, animals, and the communities they share. I am inspired each day by all the wonderful and innovative programs and services that organizations are offering in communities across the country. I am honored to work with such a talented and passionate team.

My husband and I share our home with two rescued dogs, Fiona and Wednesday, and a rescued cat, Bo. They are all spoiled, crazy, adorable and, at times, challenging, but we are grateful to have them in our lives.