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April Moore, senior manager of operations

April Moore - Best Friends Animal SocietyApril Moore joined Best Friends as Senior Manager of Operations – Embed Project in 2022 and is stationed at Fresno Humane Animal Services overseeing their field services program.  Throughout her nearly two decades long career in animal welfare, April has played an integral role in helping communities develop policies and programs that promote lifesaving, enhance public safety, and connect people with the resources needed to keep their pets and neighborhoods safe and healthy. In her most recent role as Chief of Animal Services at KC Pet Project, she and her team served a community of over 491,000 people and capitalized on their unique position to use progressive programing, proven lifesaving practices, and the latest in data technology to address animal-related community concerns, enhance public health and safety, and create a more livable city all while honoring the human-animal bond.  April began her career in animal welfare as an animal control officer for the City of Austin, Texas.  Promoted to Animal Protection Supervisor, she held a key leadership role in helping the Austin Animal Center become the nation’s largest no-kill open intake animal shelter after the city was mandated by City Council in 2010 to achieve at least a 90% save rate.  With no set roadmap for how to do this, April and her team developed community policies and programs to help reduce the number of animals unnecessarily intaked at the shelter to preserve space and resources and promote lifesaving without compromising public safety.   April also piloted Austin's Neighborhood Level Field Program to engage underserved neighborhoods to understand animal services needs from a neighborhood-level perspective with the goal of customizing delivery of services and resources in a more meaningful way.  April truly believes in that philosophy that through progressive field services programs such as these that lifesaving and livability within a community is maximized.  She has served on the Texas Animal Control Association Board and is a graduate of the Best Friends Executive Leadership Certification program.  In her spare time, April enjoys carpentry, hobby farming, and working through her wife's to do list to renovate a 19th century farmhouse.