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Cat Programs E-Learning

As animal services organizations evolve across the country and meet the lifesaving expectations of the community, it has become clear that cats losing their lives in shelters or removing them from their outdoor homes is not an effective way to build trust, seek solutions or create humane outcomes. 

This self paced course will not only equip you with the nuts-and-bolts knowledge of launching new cat programming, but will also detail how members of your community will become agents of change. These modules can be taken individually but it is encouraged to take all seven in the order laid out.

Module 1: Community Cat Programming
In this module you will gain an overview of comprehensive community cat program components, including targeted return-to -field (RTF) and targeted trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR). These programs are proven lifesaving strategies that shelters can utilize to increase the lifesaving of cats in their care.

Module 2: Community Engagement
By engaging and working with your community, cats and kittens stay out of your shelter and in the community where they belong. Recognizing that people are the solution rather than the problem allows organizations to implement innovative programs and solve long-standing cat-related complaints

Module 3: Adoptions and Fostering
In this module you will learn to create, advocate for, market and implement lifesaving adoption, working cat and foster programs for cats in the shelter. 

Module 4: Cats in Shelters
To ensure that every cat’s time in a shelter is as safe and stress free as possible, it’s important to know how to safely use cat handling equipment, provide enrichment and decompression and incorporate cleaning protocols into the shelter's daily tasks.

Module 5: Shelter Medicine
Review medical guidelines to help build programming that will best route and expedite the cats in your shelter toward positive outcomes.

Module 6: Kittens
The care of underage kittens can be a daunting endeavor for many organizations. This module will help you create programming that can swiftly and effectively care for the neonatal kittens in your community.

Module 7: Leading Change
Data is a critical tool to help identify gaps in programming. Once gaps are identified, you can review steps for making changes and launching new programming, get stakeholder buy-in, communicate change and empower others to become agents of change.