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A map of the 2019 national dataset

2019 National Data Set

This town hall is a deep dive into our brand new national data set. Watch and learn about our collective lifesaving progress towards No-Kill 2025 and how you can use data to increase lifesaving in your community. 

Brent Toellner, senior director of national programs, Best Friends Animal Society

Vicki Kilmer, director of business intelligence and strategy, Best Friends Animal Society
Teresa Salamone, senior manager of business intelligence and strategy, Best Friends Animal Society

• Webinar Intro- Brent Toellner, Best Friends Animal Society. -0:02:00
• Project introduction and why the data is important. -0:02:31
• What are the differences between this data set and others that exist in the industry? -0:05:48
• How is Best Friends collecting the data? -0:9:16 • What are some highlights of the 2019 data? -0:14:38
• Define “No-Kill Community” in the context of the data set. -0:18:00 • What have the trends looked like over time? -0:19:00
• Summary from 2016 to 2019. -0:20:39
• Define “Lifesaving Gap” in the context of the data set. -0:21:30
• How do challenges differ in various regions of the country? -0:23:15
• Disparity between cats and dogs. -0:24:00
• States with the largest lifesaving gaps. -0:25:29
• What is the difference between “save rate” and “live release rate”? 0:29:40
• Is it harder to maintain no-kill status versus reaching no kill status? -0:31:10
• What can you tell us about no-kill sustainability? -0:32:20 • Public perception of No Kill? -0:34:12
• How can people find out what is going on in their community regarding the data? -0:37:38
• When was the public perception research done? -0:39:00
• What do we see happening in 2020? Is there an impact from COVID? -0:40:00
• Pet Lifesaving Dashboard intro. -0:43:00
• Dashboard demo. -0:44:00
• How can you see shelters in the local community that have not provided data? -0:50:17
• Are there any plans to include other species beyond dogs and cats? -0:52:00
• Where does this data leave us in reaching the 2025 goal? -0:53:45
• Could the lower foster stats in April and May be due to decreased intake? -0:56:00
• Does the data differentiate between open admission and closed admission shelters? -0:57:00
• Did decreased intake during COVID cause a decreased lifesaving gap? -0:59:00
• Can we use this dashboard to refer people to local shelters? -1:00:24
• Do you think that the economic impact of COIVD will necessitate a new strategy? -1:01:26
• What were the key factors in reducing shelter killing over the last 10 years? -1:03:57

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