Tabby kitten in a stainless steel kennel

Operational Playbooks

Best Friends recognizes that the world of animal sheltering is a fast-moving, ever-changing environment with new lifesaving programs popping up all the time. Some of the most tried and true programs have proven to be critical in today’s daily operations, yet some agencies struggle with implementing them or even knowing where to start! That’s why we have assembled these operational playbooks as recipe cards to get you started. What you will find here are basic starting points on what you will need to get these programs up and running and some resources to take you to the next level.

Training Playbook: Adoptions

Training Playbook: Best Practices for Big Dogs

Training Playbook: Daily Checklist and Time Stamps for Shelters

Training Playbook: Disease Control — The Role of Sanitation

Training Playbook: Feline Housing and Enrichment

Training Playbook: Field Return-to-Owner

Training Playbook: Foster Programs

Training Playbook: Lifesaving Field Services

Training Playbook: Managed Intake or Admissions

Training Playbook: Return-to-Owner