Marketing Adoption Tool Kits

Marketing and Adoption Tool Kits

Having a hard time finding homes for some of your adoptable animals? Want tools to help you find fosters and promote spay/neuter? We provide a wide variety of marketing tool kits and resources, including:

  • Promotional materials for pets with special needs, pets who prefer to be the only dog or cat in a home, black cats and dogs, senior pets, large dogs, spay/neuter programs and more
  • Tips on creating engaging photos and videos
  • Suggestions for getting the word out through social media
  • Helpful hints about working effectively with local media

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Here are the tool kits we have available:

Special Needs Pets — Animals with special needs can make great family pets. Help teach your adopters about caring for pets who are blind, deaf, three-legged or use wheelchairs or carts. We also offer information on caring for FIV and FeLV positive cats.

Single and Loving — Do you have pets that need to be the only dog or cat in their home? We have marking materials to help spread the word about these kind of pets.

Love Comes in All Sizes — and shapes, colors, and ages for that matter. Help adopters find the perfect pet in the size that’s right for them. 

Back in Black — They’re sleek, they’re chic, and oh so sweet. We can help you put the spotlight on your coal-colored cats and dogs.

Dream Big — large-breed dogs, that is! Help find homes for the larger-than-life, lovable lugs in your care.

Summer Break — Spread the message that summer is even more enjoyable when you have an adopted cat or dog to romp with.

Love is Ageless — Help sweet seniors find the families of their dreams through this senior pet adoption promo!

Foster a Homeless Pet — Help find dedicated foster families to provide safe, living places to land until your adoptable animals find forever homes.

Fall in Love — As temps cool and leaves turn color, help adopters fall in love with the pet of their dreams.

Resolution — Let everyone know the best way to start the new year is to save a life. Plus, adopted pets can help people stick to their New Year’s resolutions!

Bring Joy — Help dogs and cats find homes in December with holiday-themed tools in this kit.

Give Love Valentine's Day — Share the love this Valentine's Day and adopt a new best friend in February.

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