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Perks for network partners

The following are special perks available to Best Friends Network partners. 

All partners

  • Adoptimize Foster: Adoptimize is taking foster photos to the next level. The FREE Adoptimize Foster web app transforms pet photos uploaded by fosters into high-quality images in order to increase visibility and engagement with pet profiles online. With over 5,000 dogs processed, Adoptimize images have significantly increased adoption rates in shelters across the country. Adoptimize is committed to helping shelters and rescues showcase available pets on their websites with high-quality intake images, bringing pets one step closer to finding forever homes. Learn how your organization can use Adoptimize Foster and try it out here.
  • Best Friends Vet AccessThe Best Friends Vet Access app is now available for FREE to Best Friends Network partners to use for fosters.** Watch this video to learn more. The app allows fosters to video or text chat a veterinarian 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The vet will advise on if the issue is something the foster can handle at home, requires an in-person vet visit, or if the foster should seek emergency veterinary assistance. If you are already a network partner, please complete this form to register for the app and add your fosters. If you are not already a network partner, we are currently fast-tracking applications. Click here to apply.  
  • CUDDLY: CUDDLY is a free fundraising and wishlist platform solely dedicated to helping animal shelters and rescue groups raise funds and products for the pets in your care. Register on their website and see how they can help your organization.
  • Eusoh: Team up with Eusoh to help adopters with their vet bills. This service helps your adopters save on veterinary bills. An alternative to pet insurance, Eusoh is a community health sharing plan that reimburses pet owners' medical, wellness, illness, and routine care expenses. And when you refer an adopter to Eusoh, Eusoh will donate $40 back to you. That's $40 back to you! No costs to set up and the Eusoh team will provide you with marketing materials. What a great way to keep pets healthy and drive donations. Find out more and register on their website.
  • Fresh Step, Best Friends' Official Litter Partner: The Fresh Step Paw Points loyalty program connects Paw Points members with participating shelters to redeem points for litter and pet supplies. Want to earn rewards for your shelter? Sign up your organization to participate today* and earn more points by 1) Encouraging your community to donate their Paw Points to your shelter 2) Sharing your unique shelter code received at sign-up with your community. Every time the code is used, you’ll earn 250 bonus points.
  • PetGiving: PetGiving is a FREE online platform that helps donors fund animal rescue efforts for shelters across the country. The platform helps raise awareness for available pets by using social media, shelter and community reach nationwide, allowing donors to cover costs that directly help animal rescue groups and shelters save more lives. Learn more about how it works on their website.
  • PetNetX: PetNetX keeps a pet’s information in one place and provides an easy way to receive and share this information. The platform also focuses on saving time and improving treatment efforts by animal shelters and rescue groups. There is no cost for animal organizations to use PetNetX. PetNetX is new and looking for a few shelter partners to work with that will provide regular feedback on how they can further improve the platform to help support the pet experience and your organization’s mission.
  • Royal Canin Crown Partners: Designed for animal shelters and rescue groups, Royal Canin Crown Partners gives you access to Health Nutrition formulas, prices up to 40 percent less than MSRP and exclusive discounts. Plus, partners receive 20 percent off their first order over $400.


*Fresh Step, Terms
**Best Friends Vet Access, while supplies last