Any shelter, dog or cat rescue group, spay/neuter or animal welfare organization operating in the United States and fits criteria listed here: 

  • Be willing and able to establish a positive working relationship with Best Friends and submit the required reporting of dog/cat intake, spay/neuter, and other statistics.

  • Be a group or shelter operating in the United States (excluding U.S. Territories) serving dogs and/or cats and their owners.

  • Be in compliance with all local laws and regulations governing animal sheltering and provide appropriate daily care to all animals under the care of the organization, including animals in foster homes or at other offsite locations. This includes, but is not limited to: sanitary living conditions, food, water, enrichment and shelter.

  • Be actively working toward the Best Friends mission of No More Homeless Pets by operating or supporting an active dog and/or cat adoption and/or spay/neuter or intake prevention program.

  • Be an approved 501(c)(3) public charity or municipal shelter. To learn more about 501(c)(3), please visit the Internal Revenue Service website.

  • Be in good standing with GuideStar Charity Check

  • Be in good standing with Best Friends

Can municipal shelters participate?

We strongly encourage municipal shelters to become network partners. 

What if my organization is not currently a 501(c)(3) but is involved in the application process to become one?

We do require that organizations have their 501(c)(3) nonprofit status before applying to become a partner.

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Who Can Join the Network?