Liz Finch, leadership

Liz Finch

I have worked for Best Friends since September 2005. I joined the team quite literally as we were deploying to Tylertown, Mississippi, to care for the animals displaced by Hurricane Katrina. I worked as a fulltime writer and ran a nonprofit cat rescue with a friend in Los Angeles in my spare time. I loved doing the adoptions, but I wanted an opportunity to reach a larger audience and educate them about animal issues, about how to work through problems with their pets, and about making a bigger impact for animals.

I like the variety and the challenge of working with the Best Friends Network. We don't ever deal with the same scenario twice, and it's a real chance to do some creative problem-solving. I like being part of a national organization that has the resources to help smaller groups grow into real significant partners in bringing about a time of No More Homeless Pets. Today I am a senior manager and I like what the position brings: I like the chance to focus on the big picture and think about greater strategy beyond just the current crisis, and I love mentoring people and helping with their cases.

I have a pair of rabbits (one of whom is three-legged), who have their own room and an unhealthy addiction to Cheerios. And I have eight cats, a mixture of rescued cats I brought from my past life in Los Angeles, one I picked up off the streets of Las Vegas and several from Best Friends who were my foster failures. The most recent was a rescued bottle baby kitten from Jacksonville Animal Care and Control. Judging by his recent escapes from my cattery, he was either a magician or a cast member of Cirque du Soleil in a previous life.