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2017 Best Friends National Conference Presentations and Handouts

Thursday, July 13

Workshop Session I

Achieving No-Kill: Regional Case Studies

  1. Northeast: Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont (Carmine DiCenso, Maya Richmond, Vicki Rowland, Jess Townsend) presentation 1, presentation 2
  2. Mid-Atlantic: Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, D.C.  (Natalie Corwin, Beckey Reiter, Stephanie Shain) presentation 1, presentation 2, presentation 3
  3. Southeast: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina (Rebecca Guinn, Shelly Simmons, Ginny Sims) presentation 1, presentation 2, presentation 3
  4. Midwest: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, West Virginia (Jessica Henry, Heather Owen, Katie Trennepohl) presentation 1, presentation 2
  5. Great Plains: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota (Ron Edwards, Keri Heise, Brent Toellner) presentation 1, presentation 2
  6. South Central: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas (Robin Beaulieu, Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Cheryl Schneider) presentation 1, presentation 2
  7. Mountain West: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming (Arlyn Bradshaw, José Ocaño, Anna Stout) presentation 1, presentation 2
  8. Pacific: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington (Lisa Drake, Lisa Feder, Marc Peralta) presentation 1, presentation 2, presentation 3

Workshop Session II

  1. Digital Dollars and Sense: Digital Fundraising 101 (Kate Moore, Amy Starnes) presentation
  2. Capacity for Care: Maximizing Lifesaving by Understanding Your Limits (Dr. Emily Purvis) handout
  3. Big-Impact Boards: Recruiting, Managing and Utilizing Effective Boards (Sandy Rees) presentation, handout
  4. Litter Box Lowdown: Addressing Non-medical Litter Box Issues (Pam Johnson-Bennett) handout
  5. Common Ground: The Essential Roles of Collaboration and Coalition-Building (Natalie Corwin) presentation
  6. Making the News: Harnessing the Power of Traditional Media in a Digital Media World (Cathy Rosenthal) presentation
  7. Language Matters: Unpacking the Term ‘No-Kill’ (Judah Battista, Jon Dunn) presentation

Workshop Session III

  1. Writing with Appeal: How to Write an Effective Fundraising Appeal Both Online and Off-line (Elizabeth Doyle) presentation
  2. Classic Community Cats: Comprehensive Cat Programs and Partnerships (Lisa Barrett, Desiree Triste-Aragon) presentation, handout 1, handout 2
  3. Strategy vs. Clairvoyance: Evaluating the Impact of Strategic Programming (Marc Peralta) presentation
  4. Just Shy: Understanding and Working with Fearful and Shy Dogs (Marcia Helm) presentation
  5. No-Kill Resolutions: Committing to No-Kill at the Local Level (Jamie Case, Ledy VanKavage) presentation
  6. Powerful Imagery: Getting Great Photos with a Smartphone Budget (Michael Hand)
  7. Behavior Bites: Tackling Your Most Common Behavior Challenges Together (Marla Browne, Michelle Weaver) presentation

Friday, July 14

Workshop Session I

  1. Purposeful Fundraising: Getting Proactive with Your Fundraising Plan (Sandy Rees) presentationhandout
  2. Caring for the Caregivers: A Comprehensive Approach to Compassion Fatigue (Dr. Linda Harper, Faith Maloney) presentation, handout
  3. Service Enterprise: How to Powerfully and Effectively Leverage Volunteers (Pat Guerrero, José Ocaño) presentation
  4. Soothing the Bouncy Beast: Managing Mouthy, Jumpy Dogs (Sherry Woodard) presentation
  5. Data-Driven: Understanding the Vital Role of Data on Our Path to No-Kill (Vicki Kilmer, Shelly Thompson) presentation
  6. Organizational Character: Understanding and Developing Your Brand (Julie Castle, Kari Hartkorn) presentation
  7. It’s Raining Community Cats: Coordinating Effective Community Cat Programs (Arlyn Bradshaw, Scott Giacoppo, Holly Sizemore, Peter Wolf)

Workshop Session II

  1. Your Wish Is Granted: How to Find and Manage Grant Funds (Kelly Cramer, Stephanie Macgill) presentation
  2. Enlightened Lifesaving: Engaging Your Whole Community in Solutions (Karen Sheppard)
  3. Leading the Way to No-Kill: Strategic Challenges Facing No-Kill Leaders (Bonney Brown, Rebecca Guinn, José Ocaño, Holly Sizemore)
  4. The Power of Play: Using Play Groups to Understand and Support the Dogs in Your Care (Ed Jamison, Krystal McGough) presentation
  5. Please Step Away from the Cat: Knowing When and When Not to Rescue (Destiny Haney, Christie Rogero) presentation
  6. Social Savvy: Crafting Your Social Media Voice and Budget (Melissa Miller) presentation
  7. Lifesaving in 20 Images: Exploring Lifesaving Impact and Innovation from Around the Country, Powered by PechaKucha (Marc Peralta)

Workshop Session III

  1. Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Unleashing the Power of Planned Giving (Karen Gallardo) presentation
  2. Kitten Mania: Creative Programs for Saving More Tiny Lives (Sheila McLalin, Christi Metropole) presentation, handout 1, handout 2, handout 3
  3. Advanced Digital Tactics: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Digital Game (Sue Citro)
  4. Fostering Behavior: Innovative Foster Programs for Animals with Behavior Challenges (Kristen Auerbach) presentation, handout
  5. Cultivating Culture: Laying the Groundwork for Progressive Lifesaving (Scott Giacoppo, Scott Trebatoski)
  6. Grassroots Marketing: Getting that ‘Big Group’ Look for a Lot Less Money (Erin Miner, Becca Morris) presentation
  7. Expertise Exchange: Let’s Share Lifesaving Successes and Learn from Each Other (Michelle Logan) presentation, handout

Saturday, July 15

Workshop Session I

  1. The Road to 2025: Regional Lifesaving Workshops presentation, presentation Pacifichandout

Workshop Session II

  1. What a Partner Wants: What Funders Are Looking for in a Partnership (Kelly Clardy, Sue Cosby, Stephanie Macgill) presentation
  2. Diversion Programs: Innovative Approaches that Keep Animals Out of Shelters (Bethany Colonnese, Lisa Norwood) presentation
  3. Major Fundraising Campaigns: Scaling Campaigns for Maximum Impact (Makena Yarbrough)
  4. Cat Pawsitive: Behavioral and Environmental Enrichment for Adoptable Cats (Jackson Galaxy)
  5. A Dog by Any Other Name: Innovative Approaches to Marketing Pets (Kristen Auerbach, Liz Finch) presentation 1, presentation 2handout
  6. Digital Marketing 101: Digital Marketing Strategies, Big and Small (Kate Moore, Amy Starnes) presentation
  7. A New Lifesaving Paradigm: Transitioning from Shelters to Community Resource Centers (Jon Dunn, Tawny Hammond, José Ocaño)

Workshop Session III

  1. Speaking ‘Donor’: How to Attract and Keep Big Donors (Tycely Williams) presentation
  2. Lifesaving En Route: Best Practices in Delivering Our Best Friends to Safety (Kimberly Elman, Linda Gage) presentation, handout
  3. Keeping Up with the 90 Percent: Sustaining No-Kill Status (Judah Battista, Scott Giacoppo, Tawny Hammond, Brent Toellner) presentation
  4. More Purrs, Less Stress: Effective Stress-Reduction Techniques for Cats (Dr. Sara Bennett) presentation
  5. Lifesaving Legislation: Advocacy Efforts Related to Cats, Pit Bull Terriers and Puppy Mills (Richard Angelo, Jr., Lee Greenwood, Elizabeth Oreck) presentation, handout
  6. Crisis Managed: Managing the Occasional Public Relations Crisis (Lisa Norwood) presentation
  7. Success, Measured: Employing Metrics and Community Data to Save More Lives (Arlyn Bradshaw, Marla Browne, Nikki Kelley) presentation

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