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View of "short-term fostering" webinarShort-term Fostering Panel

Nikki Harris, chief operating officer, Jacksonville Humane Society; Danielle Rutherford, cat shelter supervisor, Memphis Animal Services; Carina Haro, foster program coordinator, Best Friends Animal Society - Los Angeles; Megan McCloud, Lifesaving Programs Support Lead, Best Friends Animal Society - Salt Lake City

With holiday season upon us, why not try short-term fostering, so all the animals in your care can be home for the holidays? This live-recorded panel-style webinar features Best Friends Network partners who have successfully launched short-term foster programs. Panelists shared how they started their programs, marketed a new program, successes and challenges, and tips for launching one in your community. Click here to watch. 

View of "Lifetime care for pets" webinarLifetime Care for Pets: Helping Pet Owners Plan for the Possibility That Their Pets Might Outlive Them

Amy Shever, director, 2nd Chance 4 Pets

Thousands of pets end up at shelters every year simply because they outlived their humans who had not planned for their continued care. Typically “orphaned” pets deteriorate in the shelter environment. This webinar will outline what options and resources are available to ensure “lifetime care” for pets and how your organization can help pet owners plan for the possibility that their pets might outlive them. Click here to watch. To download the PDF of this presentation, click here. 

View of "Do You Doobert?" webinarDoobert 101 for Network Partners

Chris Roy, founder, Doobert

Do you Doobert? Best Friends and Doobert have been working together to better meet the transport needs of Best Friends and the hundreds of shelters and rescue organizations currently transporting animals across the country. Learn more about the software from the founder and how Doobert can help your organization. Click here to watch. 

View of "Leadership for Lifesaving during the Holidays" webinarLeadership for Lifesaving During the Holidays

Tawny Hammond, national director of leadership advancement, Best Friends Animal Society; José Ocaño, director of the Pacific region, Best Friends Animal Society

Now is the time to plan how we want to be proactive in 2019 with lifesaving. These next few months are a time of year when shelter staff can take a breath and have the bandwidth to look at operations. Take this time to evaluate and plan things like foster programs before the spring and summer seasons hit and kitten season is upon us. In this webinar, we'll show you how to champion a new program or policy that will result in increased lifesaving and we’ll cover the five foundational gifts for leadership for lifesaving during the holidays. Click here to watch.