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COVID-19 Resources: Upcoming Virtual Events

    Town Hall Mini-Series
    August 13, 20, 27 @ 6:00 PM EST


    2020: the times they are a-changin'

    The impacts of COVID-19 on every aspect of life are immeasurable and animal welfare is no exception. However, one of the greatest realizations to emerge from the pandemic is that real change is possible in our field.

    Join us for a three-part series as we dive into navigating the landscape of change, especially as it pertains to leveraging our communities and removing barriers to support lifesaving work.

    We will hear from Best Friends staff members who underwent personal transformations in previous roles and network partners who worked through shifting organizational operations. In the final town hall of the series, we will come together for an open discussion where no question is off limits.

    Bethany Heins, director of network operations and strategy
    Makena Yarbrough, regional director (mid-atlantic and southeast)

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    Upcoming Webinars   
    We have seen the following webinars shared in Groups on Facebook. Some of them are not affiliated with Best Friends. If you have any registration or content questions, please reach out directly to the organizers. 

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