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How to apply for a Rachael Ray Save Them All or No-Kill Excellence Grant

Please review the following instructions and information carefully because we’ve made some significant changes to the process.  

1. Review eligibility and data status requirements to ensure you are eligible.

2. Review recipient reporting requirements to ensure you are able to meet these obligations if your project is selected for funding.

3. Review funding priorities for your region to unsure your project aligns (STA grants).

4. Starting 9/1/2022 you can complete and submit your Rachael Ray Save Them All or No-Kill Excellence application via our grant management platform.

The deadline to submit an application for a Rachael Ray Save Them All or No-Kill Excellence grant is Friday, September 30, 2022 at 5:00 PM Mountain time.

If you have questions not included in the instructions above or on other grant pages, please email us at

Please note that during an open grant cycle, our response time to emails and voicemails is significantly delayed. We ask that you take the time to ensure you meet all requirements and that you plan for those items you need us to verify. Since we are unable to fast track applications for partnership or respond to urgent requests during this time, we appreciate your understanding.

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