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Gray, black, and white tabby kitten walking in grass

Southeast Region Grant Priorities

The Rachael Ray Save Them All Grants fund projects to reduce the lifesaving gap of cats and dogs in U.S. shelters. 


The priorities for the Rachael Ray Save Them All grants are:

  • Programs that provide TNR in lieu of impounding healthy, outdoor cats
  • Programs to return impounded cats to their outdoor homes after they have been sterilized and vaccinated
  • Kitten diversion programs to keep neonatal kittens out of the shelter.
  • Funding to pull at-risk animals from a shelter to be adopted or transported
  • Providing resources for families needing to surrender their pet to keep them out of the shelter
  • Programs which significantly increase live outcomes for at-risk large dogs, such as foster or behavior programs that target large dog populations.

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