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South Central Region Grant Priorities

Rachael Ray Save Them All Grants will be awarded to programs or initiatives that directly reduce killing in shelters.

The priorities for the Rachael Ray Save Them All grants are:

  • Increase live outcomes by starting, expanding, or improving adoption, transport/transfer, return to owner, or shelter-neuter-return programs. Grant projects must directly increase live outcomes for animals in the shelter or likely to enter the shelter system based on data and proven past practice and demonstrate.
  • Increase community capacity to care for pets, thereby reducing shelter intake. Programs may include return-in-field for found pets, targeted trap-neuter-return, or diverted/managed intake. Projects must directly support animals likely to enter the shelter system because of current practices and supported by historical data.
  • Increase lifesaving within the shelter by expanding capacity to support historically vulnerable populations and ultimately achieve live outcomes. Programs could include foster program expansion or specialty medical programs.

Projects will be prioritized that demonstrate the largest impact or completely close a shelter’s lifesaving gap and help the shelter achieve no kill.

You can get started by reviewing the Pet Lifesaving Dashboard to see where lifesaving gaps exist in your community. You can also use our Gap Analysis Tool to determine which population is most vulnerable or most in need in your community. 

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