Man and dog in green canoe on water with mountains in background

Mountain West Region Grant Priorities

Competitive proposals must demonstrate, with statistics, a direct impact on saving animals’ lives and/or leading to a reduction in the number of cats and dogs killed in shelters. Proposals without shelter data will not be considered. Priority consideration will be given to projects focused on helping in those areas where the most killing is occurring. Refer to the pet lifesaving dashboard to see where the greatest lifesaving opportunities are your area.

In the Mountain West region, we are looking for programs that:

  • Show a measurable decrease in the number of cats being killed in shelters.
    • Types of programming may include collaborating with a target shelter to conduct TNR as a diversion strategy, return to field (RTF), or neonatal kitten projects.
  • Produce live outcomes for dogs and cats in shelters or which may be at risk for entering shelters which still have gaps to achieving no kill.
    • Examples of proposals may include transfer partnerships, owner support, shelter intake intervention, behavior/training initiatives, managed intake, or launching/expanding foster home programs.
  • Reduce the killing of cats and dogs of the Navajo Nation.
    • Suggested projects may include spay and neuter programs for owned pets, collaborative transport programs that prevent the necessity for impoundment along with those that facilitate the direct pulling from animal shelters.

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