Young girl in black and white top holding tabby cat.

Midwest Region Grant Priorities

Competitive proposals must demonstrate (with statistics) a direct impact on saving the lives of animals and/or a trend toward reducing the number of cats and dogs killed in shelters. Priority consideration will be given to projects focused on helping in areas where the most killing is occurring. Refer to the pet lifesaving dashboard to see where the greatest lifesaving opportunities are in each state or your state (whichever suits you better).


In the Midwest region, we are looking for programs that:

  • Target increasing life outcomes for cats (foster programs, community cat programs, return-to-field programs, barn cat programs and innovative adoption or medical programs)
  • Include return to owners in the field
  • Target increasing live outcomes for medium and large dogs (foster programs, behavior programs, adoption programs, promotion programs or diversion programs)
  • Increase or support collaboration between organizations that show a measurable increase in lifesaving at shelters that have the greatest lifesaving opportunity

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