Requirements for applying for a grant

Requirements for applying for a grant

Eligibility Requirements

  • Save Them All grants are open only to Best Friends Network partners. All applicants must be approved partners as of October 15, 2018. You can check our Network partner list to see if you are listed as a current partner. To learn more about our Network partner program and how to apply, please click here.

  • Grants are not open to NKUT Coalition members. If you are a partner in UT and are interested in applying for a grant, please contact Tracy Kelley at

  • If you currently have a grant that is expected to be open as of March 2019, you are not eligible to apply for another grant in this cycle.   

  • Programs must be within the United States (all 50 states).

Data Reporting Requirements

  • Applicants must be up to date with reporting in Shelter Animals Count through August 2018- if you are unsure of your data status, please log in to Shelter Animals Count. Click here to determine if your group is required to report in Shelter Animals Count.

  • Please note, all partners are required to have submitted stats, so please read the above information carefully to determine how to report stats if you have not yet done so.

Requirements for Grant Recipients

  • Awarded grant funds must be spent within a one-year period. 
  • Organizations receiving grants must agree to track and report the following: 

    • Detailed documentation of how the funds were spent, and if requested copies of receipts, adoption contracts, and other documentation to support your outcomes.

    • For adoption and spay/neuter projects- data and details on the following (depending on project type) will be submitted quarterly:

      • Dog adoptions

      • Cat adoptions

      • Dog spay/neuter

      • Cat spay/neuter

    • For intake prevention projects- we will ask quarterly for main program statistics, depending on your project, such as:

      • Number of families served

      • Intake reduction at your local municipal shelter

      • Number of animals trained

    • For all projects, unless otherwise obtained through network partner data reporting, the following statistics for the municipal shelter serving your target area will be submitted quarterly for a baseline year and your grant period:

      • Dog intakes

      • Dog live outcomes

      • Dog other outcomes

      • Cat intakes

      • Cat live outcomes

      • Cat other outcomes

    • Please note, failure to submit timely and accurate reports on the progress of your project can impact your ability to receive future funding.